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Related article: Date: Tue, 13 May 2008 13:47:17 -0700 (PDT) From: Beautiful Creamer Subject: After-School Stroke ClubAfter-School Stroke Club By Beautiful Creamer One -- Moving In It's tough to move anytime as a high school kid, but it's especially tough to move as a sophomore. If you move as a freshman, a lot of the kids are meeting each other for the first time, so you're not really at a disadvantage, you know? If you move as a senior, the kids are more mature and willing to accept a new kid as something different. Even as a junior, some of that is true. But moving as a sophomore is the worst. Of course that's when my Dad, Doug Finley, got a new job and moved us to Strokeman, Wisconsin. My name is Vincent or Vince. I was fifteen and not happy. Dad and I were alone, Mom having run off with some guy when I was three. Dad was a terrific guy and had been a great father and mother both. But he did me wrong by taking that job in Strokeman just as I was finding myself at our home in Iowa. Even worse, he enrolled me at Saint Thomas High School, the only high school in the state, except for reform schools, that was all boys. I had always gone to Catholic school and was comfortable in the environment, but my high school in Iowa had girls. I liked girls. I wasn't going anywhere with them at that point, but I had high hopes. The first day of school was exactly as I had figured. Everybody had their cliques and I didn't fit in any of them. I certainly wasn't one of the cool-guy jocks who think they rule every high school. And I wasn't a smart-guy nerd, the group that goes on to rule the real world. Maybe I could fit in with some of the kids in between. Fat chance, I thought. I was doomed to walk alone, perhaps ringing a bell and shouting "Unclean!" for the next three years. Until I met Ted. Ted sat next to me in English class and he was a surprise. Ted had a great sense of humor. He liked baseball and was a long-suffering Cub fan, just like me. We liked the same music. Like me, Ted was very shy around girls. But he was good-looking and girls had their eye on him. I guess that was true of me too. Ted hung with a very defined group of six or seven guys, all sophomores like myself, yet, he and the guys were willing to include me at their lunch table and hang out with me at school. Although I was friendliest with Ted, it was clear that Dan Forbes was the leader of the group. They all looked to him for direction and part of that direction was clearly to be nice to me. The strange thing was that the group seemed to disappear after school each day. I wondered where they went. Then I found out. Two -- Dan's House One Monday, about a month after school started, Ted asked if I could come over after school and hang out with the guys at Dan's house. I was very happy to do that, since every day I had been going home and doing nothing except homework until Dad got home at around 7:30. Ted met me after class and walked over to Dan's with me. It was a very large house in the nice part of town. Dan's dad was a lawyer or something. Successful, but a single parent. We didn't knock or anything, just walked in. "Everyone's downstairs," Ted said. "In the rec room." I followed Ted downstairs and saw the first odd thing of the day. There were many to follow. In Preteen Model Sites a small room outside a closed door that Ted said was the rec room, there were six piles of boys' clothes. Neatly stacked. On top of shoes. Underwear included. Whoa. What was that? Then Ted began to take his clothes off and stack Preteen Model Sites them in a similar pile. He smiled and said, "Nobody wears clothes in the rec room. Group rule. There are exceptions, but I'll explain them later." I know what you're thinking. Why didn't I bolt? It had way too many gay possibilities. But I was bored, friendless, and needy of companionship with guys I liked. And, although my cock was limp from fear, I was very excited. I was very much a virgin at that point. I had whacked my wiener a few times, but that was it. I hoped there was nothing disgusting behind that door, but I had to find out. Ted opened the door and led me in. Oh my. It was a very large room with a couch on each of the four walls. At either end of the room, there was a huge, built-in television with one VCR for both screens. The same dumb porn movie was playing on both screens. The smell in the room was intense and was the first thing that caught my attention. It was the smell of young boys in sexual heat. A smell you can never forget. The sights were even more striking. Each of the couches was covered by white towels and one or two naked boys. All six boys were watching the film and stroking their own cocks and balls. Two of them had inserted fingers into their bottomholes. They were moaning almost as much as the people in the movie. Suddenly, I heard loud grunts of ecstasy. I looked over and saw Dan, the host and leader. He was spurting huge glops of cum all over his stomach and chest, as he unashamedly cried out with the sweet agony of orgasm. Now would be the time to leave. But no. I stayed. Dan came off his orgasmic high and spotted Ted and me. He leaped up and walked over to me. He was a very good-looking young man. His prick was understandably drooping as he shook my hand. I remember vaguely wondering if he had just smeared some cum on my hand, but I was too stunned and aroused to care. "Welcome to our group, Vince," an ebullient Dan said. "I hope you like being with us. We have lots of fun. We've been getting together like this since eighth grade and we need some fresh blood in the group. And fresh other fluids too." I couldn't help noticing that his cum was working its way down his stomach, collecting in his pubic hairs and dripping onto his balls. I didn't want to, but I erected fiercely. Dan noticed. And as we spoke, he also produced a brand-new, lovely boner. "I'm not gay, Dan," I said weakly. Dan and Ted laughed. "Of course you aren't, Vince. None of us are. We stroke each other off and stuff, but boys have always done that with each other." My cock twitched as I thought of Dan "stroking me off." Dan and Ted noticed. The other lads noticed my presence and waved or grunted out a "Hi, Vince," as they continued on their individual roads to ecstasy. A nice young fellow named Mark screamed in pleasure as he blew his boyish cream. I blushed. But I watched it happen. It was wildly exciting. Mark called out. "Who's on clean-up today?" Charlie looked up at a chart on the wall above where he was watching the fuck film and fingering his anus. "Ted," he groaned. Ted winced. "Sorry," he said. Then he ran off to the back room of the rec room. Huh? Dan smiled at me then sat on an empty couch. He had me sit next to him and began to ask me things about myself as he scooped cum from his belly. Casually, he began to transfer his sticky cum to my stiff cock. Then he began to stroke me. It was the first time anyone had ever done anything sexual with me. I hadn't even been kissed. And I was overcome with emotion. I was stricken with equal parts of lust and shame, which is a prescription for a really fun time. I was having just that. Dan was watching my pink prick throb as he slid his warm, cummy hand up and down its length. I had never felt anything half as good. When Dan commented on the fuck movie, I stared at him dumbly for a moment. "This is the best part," he said. I looked at the 48-inch screen noted things happening to an unhooded cockhead. I was more concerned with what was happening to my own cock. I was moaning helplessly as Dan brought me to the brink of cumming. For an awful moment, I was afraid he would kiss me. But all he did was watch with fascination as my hot cum jetted from my peehole. I was in ecstatic agony as I released the biggest load of my young life. My balls lurched as I blew my hot goo. Dan was saying, "That's it, Vince. Good boy! You needed that. Mmmmm. Very juicy. Did you need that?" I sat in stunned silence, then squeaked out a weak, "Yes. Thank you." Dan smiled very charmingly, then said, "You're welcome, but it was my pleasure. You need a cleanup." Was he going to give me a Kleenex? I would need a whole box. Was he going to do that again? Should I do him next? There were no answers, only more questions as Dan good-naturedly yelled, "Clean-up!" What did that mean? Seconds later, I found out. The door to the far room opened and out stepped Ted, who was wearing pink ribbons around his neck, as well as both wrists and ankles. Ted wiggled over to Dan and me and said, "You boys need a clean-up?" Oh my goodness. I was getting hard again. Was I a faggot? "Yes, sissyboy cleanup crew," Dan said. "Why don't you start with our guest?" Ted smiled and batted his eyes at me and my cock was outrageous once again. In weak protest, I said, "I don't know..." Dan said, "Lie back." I did so. Like the others, I was having trouble saying no to Dan. Ted got to his knees and kissed me. It was fantastic. I loved it. It was warm and delicious. Ted was so sissyish. The whole thing was off the charts in gayness. Ted started "clean-up." He began to slowly, teasingly lick up and swallow every drop of my cum. First from my stomach. Then my pubic hairs. Then from my balls. (I almost fainted when he did that.) Lastly, from my cock. Every square centimeter of my cock. Licking it all. Doing a great job. Tormenting me and then making things worse by rubbing the pad of his middle finger along my anus as he licked my knob. My eyes got wide. I didn't want to cum in Ted's mouth. What if they expelled me from the club for doing that? I think I would have jumped off a cliff if that happened. But I was helpless. I was at the mercy of Ted, who put me at ease a smidge by saying, "OK, Honey. Cum in my mouth. I want your balljuice. Give it to sissyboy Ted, the cleaner-upper." Unnnnnhhhhh. I arched my back, moaned Preteen Model Sites as if I had been shot, and sent six big globs of goo into sweet Ted's slurping mouth. It was a gut-wrenching orgasm that sent me to the ritzy section of Paradise. Ted swallowed it all and smiled at me. Then Mark yelled, "Clean-up, over here." Ted said, "Duty calls," and sissied over to lap up the cum from Mark's recent emission. What had I gotten myself into? "Do you like our group so far, Vince?" Dan asked. I nodded weakly. I saw that Dan was sitting back on the couch, his hands at his sides. His nice-looking cock was standing skinned and proud, throbbing nicely and leaking sticky goo. It looked like an invitation to me. One I wanted to accept. Tentatively, I encircled Dan's cock with my warm, boyish hand. Dan moaned with pleasure. I was making it up as I went along, but I rubbed Dan's own goo all around his crimson head with my thumb. He squirmed in encouragement. I began a loving, up and down motion along his shaft, then realized that I needed more lubrication. Instinctively, I licked Preteen Model Sites my hand, depositing a large amount of saliva on it. I tasted something deliciously salty and realized that I had tasted Dan's pre-cum. I wasn't disgusted. In fact, I was getting my third whopper of the day. Oh my. I slathered Dan's cock with my saliva and began to stroke him in earnest. His pretty eyes (did I really say that?) locked with mine and I began to speak to him as he had spoken to me. "Your cock is very hot, Dan. I think you need to cum. I think you need to spurt your nice cream all over my hand and your flat stomach. Then Ted will come over and lick it up for you. Ted looks hungry Dan. Feed the poor boy. Cum for me, Dan!" And he did. Big globs as he whimpered my name. Not Ted's. Mine. Hmmmmm. Dan loved to cum. Despite cumming regularly with this group of friends for over two years, Dan treated each cum with wonder and reverence. It was a great joy to bring someone like that pleasure. There was that awful moment again where I thought he might kiss me, but it passed. What would I have done if he did? Maybe I would have kissed him back. Anyway, Dan grunted out, "Clean-up" and Ted happily returned. "Oh, Vince," Ted squealed. "Did you do all that for Dan? That's a lot of cum! Dan must really like you." This group knew Preteen Model Sites how to boost your ego too. And to think, a few days ago I thought I would go through high school being a loner. I had fallen in with the best group of guys in any high school anywhere. I had to pay attention to their norms, though, and not break any rules. One group norm was apparently to accept Dan's leadership. I was OK with that. I watched as Ted licked up the big cummy mess my hand and words had produced moments earlier. Ted was on all fours as he slowly, lovingly licked Dan's cock and balls. Dan was moaning and getting hard again. So was I. The way we were sitting, I also had a clear view of Ted's pretty bottom. It was wiggling beautifully as he performed his welcome task. I had never really looked at an anus before and Ted's was a beautiful sight. It was pink, with a hint of brown, and cute little wrinkles all around it. I wondered if...No. Then Dan said, "Vince, sissyboy Ted loves a finger or two in his `pussy' as he's doing clean-ups. Can you do that for him?" Ted stopped sucking for a moment and looked back at me, smiling in encouragement. That would be so dirty! Could I? How? Dan's voice was a rasp as Ted resumed his oral adoration of his balls. "There's some Vaseline on every end table." I hadn't noticed. I could have used some on Dan's cock before. "Just slather some on two of your fingers, enter Ted gently, then finger his bottom. He'll let you know if he enjoys it." I was trembling as I lubed my middle and index finger. Would Ted's little rosebud open for my fingers? It seemed so tight. Ted moaned as I touched his pretty balls. Ted's naked delights lay before me, from the delicious rear view. I caressed his pink balls, gasping with delight when he moaned with pleasure. Then I tickled the entrance to his "pussy." Ted was panting hard, yet he resumed his licking and sucking as he "cleaned" Dan up. I pushed my middle finger in, only to the depth of the first joint. Ted squealed, then, with Dan's cock still in his mouth, looked back at me, imploring me with his pretty eyes to continue. I inserted the entire finger. It was warm and intimate and very dirty. I loved it. Ted loved it. Dan loved it, since it had increased Ted's cocksucking ardor. I began a finger-fucking motion and Ted began making little squeals. I withdrew my finger, then plunged in two fingers. He gasped and whimpered. It occurred to me that poor Ted had been so busy that he hadn't cum yet. So I helped him. As I ran two probing fingers in and out of Ted's perfect bottom, I began to massage his balls. He purred with pleasure. Then I began to stroke his beautiful cock. Goo was forming at the peehole and I used it to lubricate the head. Ted was pushing his bottom back for more and squealing lustily as Dan began to fill Ted's mouth with his hot load. Ted couldn't scream or he would have lost Dan's delicious treat. But he wanted to scream, because his own erotic seizure was at hand. I stroked him sweetly and twisted my fingers as I pistoned them in and out of Ted's hot butt. Ted's balls pulled up, he grunted and began to release his boy's cream, in big, thick, cum ropes. Fortunately, it hit the towels on the sofa, not the carpet. Why was I worrying about covering our tracks? No one else seemed to be. It was wonderful watching Dan enjoy dumping his load into Ted's pretty mouth. It was even better seeing Ted lose his goo because of my loving efforts. When Dan recovered a bit, he said, "That was great!" Ted looked at me as if I had just taught hin all about sex. "You're dreamy, Vince! Now are you going to clean me up?" What? Oh no. I... Ted giggled. "If you make the cleanup sissyboy cum, you have to clean him up, Silly. But don't worry. Most went on the towel. I just have a few little drops of cum on my cockhead, right here." I stared at Ted's cockhead. He wanted me to suck his cock! I hesitated for a second, then said, "OK." He smiled and clapped his hands. "Goodie!" he said. But then it happened. "Double cleanup over here!" Eric and Rickey had been stroking each other off on the couch on the opposite wall. Both were deluged with hot sperm. Ted looked disappointed. "Later," he breathed. Then kissed me deeply. And sissyran over to the double mess. Alone with Dan and his droopy cock. Mine was in full assault mode once again. Dan smiled at me, then got up and went into the back room. I was alone on the couch. With a big nasty hard-on. Which I stroked as I looked around. Ted was digging into a cummy feast with Eric and would be at it for a while. His bottom was pointing at me. Wiggling at me as he sucked and licked up the boys' spunk. I wanted to do things to that bottom. Things we would both adore. "Later," he had said. And I knew he was serious. Charlie was still sitting alone and, as far as I could tell, hadn't cum once. He was pushing a rather large, well-lubed, cock-like object in and out of his anus and seemed to be enjoying it immensely. That seemed so "gay" to me. Mark was walking to the rec room door. "Anyone need a soda or water or anything? I'm going to the kitchen." Everyone, including me, said yes. This was fluid-draining business we were about. But was he going up there naked? And why wasn't there a lookout or something? My fretting was interrupted when Jerry joined me on the couch. Jerry was probably the shyest member of the group. He and I were in geometry together and he was Preteen Model Sites smart, but quiet. He also had a very nice body and a fierce erection. He smiled at me. "Can I stroke you, Vince?" "Yes, please, Jerry." I laid my head back and marveled at the young man's masturbatory skills. His "handiwork' was superb. Not only did he give my cock pleasure, he rubbed my balls and teased my nipples as he was wanking me. Even better, he took me to the edge of orgasm cliff five times, pulling me back each time, so that the sixth time, when I fell, it was an ecstatic convulsion. I know it's very gay to say this, but I had been at Dan's place for two hours, had had three orgasms, and had fallen in love three times -- with Dan, Ted and now Jerry. I also got the feeling that I was way out of my league there. They had two years experience and I had a lot of catching up to do. I decided to start. Rather than call for a cleanup, I gathered all of my considerable emission in my hand and slathered it on Jerry's very nice cock. He wasn't expecting that and he liked it very much. I rubbed my cum all over his balls, especially the frequently neglected underside, and he moaned appreciatively. I coated his shaft with my cummy load and rubbed him enthusiastically. "That's very nice, Vince," Jerry said. Then, without warning, he began to spurt his cream, hurling the first two globs a good two feet, then diminishing. Oh my. I loved our boys' club. Then I thought we were doomed. A naked Mark returned, carrying cold drinks. He saw Dan and said, "Your Dad's home." Omigosh!!!! We're busted! We'll all be taken out back, declared to be gay and shot. First by our families. Then by everyone we've ever known. But no one was reacting. Dan said, "OK. Did he say anything?" "He asked if Charlie could join him." I heard a whoop to my left. Charlie, who had not cum all afternoon, and instead had been inserting large, lubricated, penile objects into his Preteen Model Sites anus, said, "I knew it. I knew this was my day!" Dan's father knew about all this? Of course. He would have to. The smells alone probably reached the whole house. And he condoned it? Apparently. And he even selected boys from the group to Preteen Model Sites "join" him when he got home from work? And the boys loved it? I believed I had discovered a new and unique society. Margaret Mead would be proud. Before I inducted myself into the anthropological hall of fame, I had another one of my stiffies to deal with. As well as a recently freed-from-duties Ted, who was standing behind me, kissing my neck. And rubbing his stiff willie against my right bottom cheek. I turned and held Ted in my naked arms. He smelled strongly of cum. I kissed him deliciously and he moaned in appreciation. "Let me show you something you'll really like, Sweetie," Ted said. Ted asked me to lie on my back on the nearest couch. Was that Ted's cum stain on the towels I was lying on? Or someone else's? No matter. Ted said, "I know I'm being a bossy sissyboy telling you what to do, but you're new. You can spank me later if you want." He smiled at that. Was he teasing or did he want me to spank him? Oh, my. Then he said, "I know I'm being forward, but I do want your big cock in my little hole. You got me so excited before and you lubed me up just right. You're very handsome and manly, Vince." Omigosh. He wanted me to fuck him. My cock throbbed even harder. But I didn't know what to do. Ted saw this and said, "It's OK, Honey. Let Ted show you." The little doll climbed on top of me and we kissed deliciously for a good 15 minutes. I could feel his cock all stiff again and rubbing against my big boy. Ted broke the kiss and shifted to his knees. Then he placed the drippy tip of my cock at his anus ring and began to sit on it. Inch by inch. Ted's eyes were bulging and he was grunting a little as he took me in. I'm sure I was quite a sight too, since it was the single most thrilling moment of my life. My whole body seemed to throb in unison with my cock. It felt so warm and safe and welcome in Ted's pretty bottom. Ted was crying a little. I reached up and kissed him. "Are you all right, Ted?" I asked. I was worried. He smiled. "I'm very happy right now, Vince." I fucked Ted gently and sweetly. After five minutes or this, it was clear that his time had come. Ted threw his head back, screamed, and shot thick globs of cum all over my chest. Although I had already cum three times that afternoon, Ted's passion stirred my balls to another eruption. I flooded his bowels with goo, then lay next to him, kissing him as we returned to earth. Would Preteen Model Sites I ever have a day as good as that one? Suddenly, the rec room door opened yet again. Was it the cops? Our high school principal, Father Murphy? It was a naked Scott Forbes (Dan's father), but you would have thought it was Elvis come back to life by the way all my randy classmates were acting. The man was very obviously very popular with them. "Hi, Daddy," Dan said. "You haven't been down here in weeks." Mr. Forbes smiled. "Hi, Dan. No need. You guys have been making house calls to me upstairs." Everyone laughed. He was an extraordinarily attractive man. Movie star quality, I thought. I had never thought of a man that way before that day. He was 40 years old, in excellent shape and had the biggest, fattest cock I had ever seen. It was scary! Thank goodness I would never have to deal with it. Right? Mr. Forbes then said, "I remembered the rule about no clothes in the rec room. I came down here to hustle Charlie up. And I wanted to meet the new member. Hello, Vince." I stepped forward. "Hello, sir," I said. Mr. Forbes smiled. "I see you've been having fun today." My cock was soaked with cum and flecked with Ted's poop. My stomach was dripping Ted's fresh cum. I blushed. He touched me on the shoulder and said, "Don't be embarrassed. That's what the kids are all here for, Vince." Then he held my cock and rubbed it a little. I looked around and saw that everyone in the room had a major erection, including Mr. Forbes. His mere presence apparently excited them all tremendously. He certainly had me en fuego with just a few strokes of his manly paw. Just then, the back room door burst open and Charlie appeared. Mr. Forbes released my cock and walked toward Charlie. I was a little jealous, I'll tell you. Charlie sissied over to the beautiful man and kissed him deeply. He stroked his big cock and said, "Oh, Mr. Forbes, is that big thing all for me?" In answer, he picked Charlie up and carried him to the rec room door. Charlie was giggling and saying, "I didn't cum once all afternoon. I saved it all for you. I know that's how you like it. And I'm all lubed and ready back there.' Mr. Forbes was smiling and kissing him as they disappeared up the stairs. Everyone sighed as the couple left. I guess they all wanted to be the one in Mr. Forbes' bed, doing goodness-knew-what with his cock and balls. Except me, of course. And Dan. Of course. Speaking of Dan, he put his arm around me and began to stroke my poor, exhausted prick. Then he said, "In a few minutes, Daddy will have that poor boy on his back. Daddy will cover him with his big, manly body and Charlie will be helpless. Daddy will put his big cock into Charlie and he'll scream in 90% lust and 10% pain. He'll kiss him and fuck him and the boy won't be able to do anything except cum and cum and cum. Just like you're Preteen Model Sites doing right now, Vince. Oh! That was a good one. Did that excite you? Where did you get all that cum? I had no idea about the answer to either question. Three -- Telling the Truth At six PM, the get-together wound down. There were three big showers in the back room and they were a necessity to remove the odor of raw sex. Showers were always shared at Dan's place and I ended up with Jerry, who offered to help me scrub and ended up stroking me to a very intense, but bone-dry orgasm, a favor which I immediately returned. As we left, I also noticed that Charlie was not among us. Dan said, "He and Daddy will be at it all night, I'm afraid, Vince. Charlie's father knows he'll be at a sleepover here tonight. Be nice to Charlie tomorrow. He'll be tired and walking funny. But very happy." Hmmmm. Dan told me that he had arranged for my Dad to pick me up at 6:45. How did he do that? But sure enough, Dad pulled up to the house precisely on time. I got into the car and greeted Dad. Now came the hard part. Since Mom left, I had never lied to Dad. But I could never tell... "I know what you guys were doing, Vince. And it's OK," he startled me by saying. My mouth hung open. "Mr. Forbes told me. I think it's great that you have friends again. A young boy like you needs a lot of strokes. You need to be cleaned out often. It's natural. And healthy. And it's also good that you boys get a chance to explore your bodies." My mouth hung open even more. All I could say was, "Thanks, Dad." When we got home, Dad put the macaroni casserole he had prepared the day before into the microwave as I set the table. "Vince," Dad said, "I know you were going to be honest with me, weren't you?" I answered honestly, "Yes, Dad. Even if it meant leaving that group. I love you too much to lie to you." Dad hugged me and I think I saw a tear. "I need to tell you the truth too. I knew where you were going today and what you would be doing when you got there." Another brick on the pile that made this the strangest, and best day of my life. "How, Dad?" "About two weeks ago, Scott Forbes called me and invited me over his house for a beer. He said our boys were in school together, he knew we were new in town, and he thought I might need a friend. I went over there the Friday night you were at the football game with your friends." I didn't know. "Scott and I get to talking. I'm listening and drinking my beer, when this beautiful, naked, teenaged boy walks in. And he sits in my lap! Despite my shock, I get this big erection. You know it's difficult for me, since Mom left, raising you, to have dates and all. "Anyway, Scott Forbes keeps talking as if this sexbomb isn't even there. I almost faint when the pretty boy begins to kiss me. Then he pulls down my zipper and extracts my cock as he keeps kissing me. I had never been that aroused in my life. I'm listening to Scott sort of, but concentrating on the incredible, delectable doll who's attacking me, when he says, `This is my son, Dan.' "Now a lot of men would have pushed the little sissy off their laps and pretended that they were disgusted. But, even though I'm 40, I'm not senile. I let it register, then I resumed my enjoyment of the boy's divine body. "I look over at Scott and I can see he's pleased. `Dan,' he says. `Why don't you show Mr. Finley your room?' "The little doll says, `Yes, Daddy.' He takes me by the hand, and I have the greatest three hours of my life.. "I've been back there twice and it was better each time. Two days ago, Scott explained about the group of boys and fathers to me and asks if we would like to join." I thought, group of fathers? What did that mean? Dad continued, "I said I couldn't speak for you, but I would certainly welcome the opportunity to give you the choice about joining the group." Wow. I said, "Thanks, Dad. I want to be in that group very much. But how are the fathers involved?" "Didn't you know? All the boys have single fathers." So Dad was fucking Dan and would be fucking all the others except me (thank goodness). And I would have to sissy up and take not only the other boys' cocks in my mouth and bottom, but also the cocks of big, hairy, mature men. I almost creamed my pants just thinking about it. Four -- Next steps That night I lay in bed thinking about what life now apparently held for me. Sex. Companionship. Large throbbing objects in my orifices. The adoration of men. Fun, fun, fun. Meeting new people. And letting them fuck me. It scared me. I wasn't sure I would like to do the sissyboy stuff, including being the "receiver" of big cocks in my tiny bottom. But the other seven guys seemed to enjoy it a lot. And when Dan was telling me what his Daddy was doing to Charlie, I came hard in his pretty hand. I guess I was thinking about being Charlie. Fucked and helpless. At a man's pleasure. Satisfying his disgusting needs. Taking his cum into my bottom. Kissing him. Listening to him praise my beauty. Feeling his cum ooze from my bottom. Then licking his sperm from his fingers as he fed it to me. Was that what Dan had done with my Dad? Omigosh! I blew my millionth gooies of that wonderful day. It was a torrential sperm storm as I thought of being adored by, yet used by a man for his own pleasure. Then I fell asleep with a big smile on my face. The next morning, Dad and I were a little strange around each other. It took a little getting used to. But when he said we would pick me up at the Forbes' at 6:45, we smiled at each other and I knew everything was fine. At school, I saw the guys in our group, and they acted pretty much as they always had. As Dan predicted, Charlie was walking a little strangely after getting an assful of Scott Forbes' big boy all night. He had a big smile on his face, however. Ted and I acted exactly as we always had around each other. Except when we went into a boys' room stall during lunch and stroked each other off to a debilitating double cum. Except for that. I couldn't wait for school to end. I was expecting wonderful things to happen and I was not disappointed. Ted and I walked over to Dan's and arrived earlier than the day before. So we saw only three piles of clothes outside the rec room. The movie was on Preteen Model Sites already. It was different from the previous day's, but very much the same, you know. Sucking. Fucking. Big load sprayed in face. My reality was a lot more exciting. But the movie gave the boys an excuse for being aroused. If they were just by themselves, being aroused would be g-a-y. Only Mark was in the room. He was sitting on the far couch looking at some cum-stained, printed porn and stroking his meat into a very nice erection. Two of our group getting sissied up in ribbons and barettes in their hair. I shuddered as I hoped that one of them was Jerry. I was very attracted to him. He was cute and he knew how to stroke a prick. I also wouldn't have minded sitting on the couch with Ted, kissing him as I stroked him to orgasm. I looked at the "Clean-up sissy" board and saw that it wasn't me. What would I do when it was? Scheduled for lapping up cum and sucking seven cocks? Could I do it? My cock seemed to think so. It was throbbing like a bass drum. Then Dan good-naturedly entered the rec room. It was a mark of my new awareness that I wasn't repulsed by the fact that Dan and my Dad had, well, done it. A lot. I was a little excited by it, actually. Sorting out my feelings had become a full time job. Again, I was seized by the impulse to kiss Dan. And maybe suck his cock. I guessed I would have lots of opportunities for that soon enough. And lots of cocks. Dan greeted me by stroking my veined throbber to its full height. Then I really wanted to suck his cock. He didn't bring me to ejaculation, though. "Just a little warm-up," the amiable young host said. "Your Dad called me last night and told me that you were OK about him and me. I'm glad. Your Dad is wonderful. I'm half in love with him." I stared at him. Would Dan be my "stepmother?" Dan laughed. "Don't forget, though. I'm a little tramp. I love a lot of men and boys. Including you." Dan was a terrible teaser. With a beautiful cock. And a big, heavy bag of balls. They both would taste so good right at that moment. Jerry entered the room and walked straight to me. He was a beautiful sissyboy wearing a pink little bolero jacket, which he pulled back to show me his left nipple. It was just that, really. Not a titty. Just a gorgeous, brown, puffy nipple. When he whimpered, "Please kiss it," he had me. All of me. Preteen Model Sites I touched my lips to his sensitive nipple flesh and he moaned. I encircled his cock with my hand. He gave the cutest little girlie squeal. As if no one had ever touched his cock before. I liked it. I licked his nipple gently as I stroked his cock with my growing expertise. He squirmed and squealed, then became more and more frantic until, BAM! The little angel let his goo go all over my hand as he screamed in wild lust. Zowie. I had made Jerry very happy. I was proud and horny. Mostly horny. But I had a problem. Jerry's cum was all over my hand Preteen Model Sites and his thighs and balls. Should I call Mark for a clean-up? I didn't want to share Jerry with Mark at that moment. Maybe never. But that meant I would have to... Golly. Could I do it? I would try. I kissed Jerry, then asked him to lie on his back. His beautiful eyes seemed moist with love. Was that for me? I hoped so. He sensed my reluctance, but admired my willingness to press on regardless. There were globs of Jerry's cum in his pubic hairs, his balls, his tummy and even on his cock itself. Deep breath. First, I quickly licked my hand clean as I locked eyes with my lovely companion. He smiled as I took my first, tentative taste. It was a little slimy, but I loved the taste. And I loved the sweet smile I got from Jerry as I lapped it up and swallowed it. Not bad. Now on to the more pleasant part. I kissed Jerry's tummy and playfully tongued his navel. He moaned softly and began to erect again. Good thing to know for future reference. I began to take small laps
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